Often, our Latter-day Saint friends deny that the LDS Church teaches the doctrines in the chart. Before you decide, however, check out the context of the references quoted. Gospel Principles, the most quoted source, above, can be read online at  

Be sure to read the first two paragraphs of chapter 2 and all of chapter 47.



ACM = Achieving A Celestial Marriage, 1992;   AF = Articles of Faith; D&C = Doctrine and Covenants; DS = Doctrines of Salvation;         GP = Gospel Principles, 1997; GTTA = Gospel Through The Ages; JD = Journal of Discourses; MD = Mormon Doctrine, 2nd Ed.; STC = Search These Commandments (a priest- hood study guide), 1985; TPJS = Teachings of The Prophet Joseph Smith.

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